Le Skeleton Band (FR) + BELLY HOLE FREAK (IT) + DJ Joost Verhagen

Joshua Baumgarten Presents Harlemtown Freakscene Funclub
Fri 29 Mar 2024
€ 5,00
Deuren: 20:00

Haarlemtown Freakscene Funclub – from the mind of Joshua Baumgarten and the heart of the Slachthuis.
Haarlemtown, where have all the freaks, geeks and singular artists gone? Where in this town are the stages and bookers bold enough to take chances and promote the unheard voices whose artistry truly celebrate alternative choices. An evening where I can welcome back to Haarlemtown those performers and musicians who have made Haarlemtown a shitty must play city for years? The Haarlemtown Freakscene Funclub, well I ain’t talking about three chords and some mall bought attitude. No, no no…the Haarlemtown Freakscene Fanclub will be an evening where together, we welcome back our road weary troubadour friends and great obscure bands of all genres. The Haarlemtown Freakscene Funclub will be the place where obscure artists will be able to find a stage, a home, a place to let it all freak out, in our very own, Slachthuis.

• The alternative to the alternative.
• A night out for the whole family
• Something beyond the gentrified punk rock of the now.


Le Skeleton Band (FR):

Le Skeleton Band is a quartet who plays an ardent music in which contemplations waver before turning into electricity, angry beats and wild choirs. Our music merges hypnotic folk, post-rock and broken blues to talk about inner landscapes and their resonances with the outside world. Le Skeleton Band is looking for gleams in every marsh.



Belly Hole Freak (IT):

Belly Hole Freak is a Wild Raw Dirty Blues one man band from Rome, Italy.

An instinctive and visceral sound enriched by different colors, rhythms and shades of bluesy and boogie tones, rhythm’n’blues, country, bluegrass melted with a Hard Blues sound and psychedelic tunes, playing live shows with such an energy and Rock’n’Roll attitude .

Among the artists of reference there are musicians like Howlin Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Robert Jhonson, John Lee Hooker and bands like Cream, The Allman Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad, Creedence, Cactus, to name a few.

Energy, introspective research, unconsciousness and spirituality, are among the main sources of inspiration, a channel of surreal communication, a free language, sometimes using invented words but with such a concrete meaning given by a very expressive interpretation.

This is for Belly Hole Freak, the way to  feel and live the BLUES, the way to break the mould, in full freedom, to give voice to the soul.

BHF is Massimiliano “Belly” on guitar, voice, handmade footboard stomp, Hi Hat, cymbals, Cowbell, tambourine, Kazoo, anklets.

All instruments are played simultaneously in his one man shows.



DJ Joost Verhagen



Deuren 20:00

Bands 20:30

Schade €5,-


Poster door Kiki Weerts