The Irrational Library + Dead Anyway (UK) + AAAHHHNNNDDDIII (DE)

The Irrational Library album release show
Fri 13 Oct 2023
Deuren: 19:30
We mooooogen weer! Op deze ramvolle avond delen lokale helden (die heel toevallig net hun nieuwe album uit hebben) het podium met -minder lokale maar evengoed- helden!
The Irrational Library:
“In a world seemingly gone crazy a bit of good old common sense is as necessary as a simple cup of black coffee.” A random quote out of the ether but one that could define the sound, the style and craftmanship of The Irrational Library. Based on a foundation of groove set forth by Mishal Zeera on the bass guitar and Lars van der Weiden on drums; this sets the locomotive in motion for the guitar and baritone sax of Tom de Haan to build upon. A sonic sound that continues to search in between the lines, to reach where most musician dare not to dwell. And always waiting and watching, ready to jump that train are the poetic and socially zoomed in words of Joshua Baumgarten. With a voice that echoes out while reaching in, Baumgarten speaks to the world at large and the alone within. The Irrational Library is a rock n roll band that does not necessarily recreate the musical wheel, but had figured out a way to stand apart and spin that wheel at its own tempo.
With The Irrational Library’s fourth studio album “Good Busy” that came out on 11/9, the band continues its own musical quest set up by previous recordings “We…are Doomed”, “Everything at All Times and All Things at Once” and “Now that We Still Can.” Eleven songs recorded fast and furious, with passion and precision at Exalto Studios in Haarlem. Teaming up for this release with niche label Floprecords out of Amsterdam, is the bands conscious choice to stay clear of the clogged-up scene of punk, indie and rock that have become the flavor of the month. The Irrational Library is the band that will make you wonder, that combines rhythm with contemplation. The Irrational Library is that band that can make you dance and think at the same time.
Catch The Irrational Library live to feel it in your gut, buy the record and stream it at home, in the car, while caught up on the train, tram or dentist. The Irrational Library is there for you and is waiting patiently to get down with you.
Dead Anyway (UK):
Vocalist and lyricist Kate Arnold and producer/multi-instrumentalist Marc Symonds have released four albums and five EPs since 2019, been championed by BBC6music’s Tom Robinson and played on radio stations in the USA, Australia and Israel. They began touring with a live band a year ago, playing venues and festivals in the UK and appearing at The Patronaat in Haarlem and De Ruimte earlier this year. This is their first live appearance as a duo. Should be intense.
Heeeee (⁠*⁠˘⁠︶⁠˘⁠*⁠)⁠.⁠。⁠*⁠♡ I’m, AAAHHHNNNDDDIII (they/them) a highly energetic non-binary genderfluid organism revealing myself in a show full of self- empowering rap vocals and hard dancy beats. i love to dance, sweat, shout, smile and play my flute *⁠˘⁠︶⁠˘⁠*⁠⁠⁠ aaaand i’m crazily looking forward to party thru the night withu
Entrée €6,-
Dit evenement is 18+