Qui (USA) + Cunts (USA)

Sun 16 Oct 2022
€ 8,50
Deuren: 20:00
Start: 21:00
Eind: 01:00

Allerliefste Slachtgenoten,
WE ZIJN TERUG VAN WEGGEWEEST! In oktober openen wij de deuren van onze nieuwe locatie. We zijn heel trots om de eerste namen bekend te maken die in oktober het gloednieuwe podium zullen komen besmeuren.


Qui is a rock duo based out of Los Angeles. Their idiosyncratic blend of punk, noise, and rock punctuated with avant-garde weirdness, coupled with their advanced musical prowess earned them a reputation for intense and often-times antagonistic live shows.


Cunts is an iteration of disgust, a statement of contempt. In an age when degrees of absurdity are the only accurate unit of measure, Cunts stand defiantly in the face of a declining civilization and thumb their collective nose. They have no use for lofty ideology or half-cocked idealism. They do not seek your approval any more than they need your permission; that is to say, not at all. Cunts have earned a reputation for their blistering and intense (and often violent) live shows. Equal parts catharsis and blood-letting, Cunts as a live entity is an unapologetic display of rage and sex, of belligerence and contempt, of body and soul.


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