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The Robbie Horror Picture Show

Absurd and totally camp b-movie extravaganza...

Evenementafbeelding: The Robbie Horror Picture Show

Tickets aan de deur

dinsdag 2 juli

Deuren: 19:30


Deuren 19:30
Start 20:00
Schade €6,66
Tickets verkrijgbaar bij Mad Daddy’s Barbershop en Slachthuis


Every first Tuesday of the month Slachthuis will be home of the most deranged, absurd and totally camp b-movie extravaganza… The Robbie Horror Picture Show!
This ain’t no regular movie night and don’t be expecting any high quality plots and storylines, no. Expect the best of the worst and some lowbrow entertainment, hosted by Robbie Horror.
Tickets can be bought at Mad Daddy’s or at Slachthuis for 666 cents and that includes your first drink.